oh hello!

My name is Moni & i'm a graphic- and web designer. I can do some code too. I was born '89 and I am currently residing in Leipzig, Germany.

here's what you may need to know about me:

  • so, I got a BA in media design, like 4 years ago. prior to that I got a training as a graphic assistent
  • not into sports, but I'm a good team player
  • currently working + freelancing
  • enjoy going out + staying in to watch a good show or movie
  • built my first website around 2003. and yes, it was a fansite
  • really like to puzzle
  • I'm a better listener than talker
  • take my coffee black with 3 lumps of sugar, please & thank you
  • like to code with sublime text
  • sometimes research my family history
  • love music, i mean who doesn't? so check out my recent recommendation: